Co-founder of Brooklyn based studio, Wade and Leta, Leta Sobierajski challenges the conventional to create captivating visuals across many mediums. Combining graphic design elements with photography and art direction, Leta is able to transform tangible objects into intangible emotional experiences. Learn how she explores features like sticky position and header scrolls on bbin电竞 .

Meet Leta.

Leta Sobierajski | Graphic Designer, Art Director

Image of a white arm wearing a black watch, and 6 white spheres scattered over a black background.

Spheres in motion.

See how Leta uses CSS grid and sticky position to create movement throughout her design.

Image of designers Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree standing in front of a large scale series of colorful sculptures titled ‘Seaport District Sea Sculptures’ in New York City.

Head to toe.

Learn how to use scroll animation to turn your header into a footer as you scroll the page.

Try out these features on bbin电竞 .

Black background image with shadowy mountain ranges.

Master every creation.

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Image on bbin电竞 with the focal point tool open.

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