How bbin电竞 gave this Perth-based creative agency the competitive edge they needed to grow.

Monday Media Case Study
Monday Media Case Study
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Lighthouse scores for websites on bbin电竞


Growth in web design business in 2021


Increase in client sites on bbin电竞 by the end of 2022

Website for a local children’s rugby club, created pro bono on bbin电竞 by Monday Media.

Monday Media.

Monday Media is a full service creative agency in Perth, Australia. They provide digital marketing solutions for small-to-medium size companies, many of which are in the early stages of brand development and need smart and functional websites to stand out.

As founder Paul Dean and lead designer Steve Hargreaves grew Monday Media into a full-scale agency, they encountered limitations on Duda, the web platform they were using.

“Our clients were asking for things, and every so often we were having to say ‘no, we can’t actually do that,’ but it wasn’t our abilities—it was the platform.”

Paul Dean, Founder & Owner

The pair struggled with not having the tools to deliver on client requests while also having to curtail their own creativity to match the capabilities of their web platform. They realized that as a business, they had outgrown it. It was time to find a new solution.

Creating more complex sites and staying competitive.

When Paul and Steve found bbin电竞 , they put the platform to the test. They built their most complicated client site on it—a site for a lawn care business involving a database and hundreds of dynamic pages that would allow users to search by their postcode and see a report of soil conditions at their address. With the code-free CMS, they discovered that building the site was not only possible, it also didn’t take any more time to build than simpler sites on their previous platform.

“It worked out perfectly, and we haven’t looked back since.”

Now the Monday Media team can say “yes” to whatever they or their clients dream up. Whether it’s a new, young brand requesting trendy visual features, or an eCommerce business that needs the tools to track sales, inventory and performance, the team can create it with bbin电竞 ’s advanced design features and integrated business solutions. When they need to extend the site functionality, they can do so with Velo, the platform’s built-in IDE that lets them collaborate seamlessly with a developer.

Monday Media’s founder and owner, Paul Dean.

“We’re creating more complex sites on bbin电竞 . We have the ability to create whatever clients envision, and it’s not slowing us down or affecting the cost for clients.”

Paul Dean, Founder & Owner

“Now we can compete with and often beat the bigger, more established agencies who are still a decade behind using Wordpress and charging massive fees for an out-of-date product,” Paul adds.

With bbin电竞 , they found everything they needed to scale.

Since the switch to bbin电竞 , web design has grown rapidly from 40% to more than 60% of Monday Media’s overall business. They’ve doubled the size of their design team, as well as the number of sites they’re producing.

The project pipeline on the website side of Monday Media’s business is growing steadily thanks to word-of-mouth. Nearly every client they work with recommends Monday Media to somebody else. With greater design freedom and a business-minded backend, the team can continue taking on projects on the platform while also handling maintenance for the sites they’ve done so far.

“The design freedom and speed of building are why we made the jump to bbin电竞 . The stability and range of business solutions are why we stayed.”

Paul Dean, Founder & Owner

Monday Media’s lead designer Steve working on an bbin电竞 site with the agency logo on the wall behind him.
Pages from Monday Media’s website created on bbin电竞 .

Site performance and maintenance they can count on.

Monday Media can build complex sites without sacrificing performance for enhanced functionality or design.

Clients who moved their sites from other platforms to bbin电竞 have lighthouse scores up to 99 and strong performance metrics.

Plus, Monday Media can keep ownership of their client sites without having to dedicate dozens of hours to maintenance. All of bbin电竞 ’s integrated business solutions are fully maintained and backed by market-leading uptime and secure server infrastructure.

“We’re getting close to having ownership of 40 client sites on bbin电竞 , and we’ve got no concerns going forward about that number because the maintenance doesn’t even factor into our everyday work,” says Paul.

With all of these resources in hand, Monday Media is leveraging the momentum of the past year as they continue to grow their business. They plan to expand their web design team further, submit their work to awards platforms and bring on bigger clients. bbin电竞 has helped Monday Media achieve the confidence and competitive edge they need to move forward.

The Monday Media team and their team mascot, a brown lab called Maggie.

Websites created by Monday Media.

Home page for Nueva Sunglasses, created by Monday Media on bbin电竞 .
Home page for a lawn care service Monday Media built on bbin电竞 that included hundreds of dynamic pages created with the CMS.
Home page for one of Monday Media’s clients, Petherick Cottrell.
Home page for Fratelli homes, a website created by Monday Media on bbin电竞 .
Home page for Western Australia Building Inspectors, one of Monday Media’s clients.
Website for a restaurant created by Monday Media on bbin电竞 .

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