This fast-growing tech startup took control of their website by switching from Wordpress to bbin电竞 .

Trinity Audio Case Study
Trinity Audio Case Study
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Reliance on development since moving from Wordpress


Bounce rate decrease


Publishers and brands using their tools: Newsweek, McClatchy, Lenovo, Wattpad, Nissan, Variety

Trinity Audio CEO Ron Jaworski speaking to a product manager in the hallway at their office.

Trinity Audio.

As founder and CEO of Trinity Audio, Ron Jaworski is ambitious when it comes to the goals he sets each year, and he doesn’t always meet all of them. 

“But when I look back at the last 5 years, I achieved more than I could have imagined,” he said.

What began as an idea Ron had in an elevator 5 years ago is now a growing company with 19 employees and a flagship product that helps publishers turn their written content into audio experiences using AI. Trinity Audio partners with major publishers and brands including Newsweek, McClatchy, Wattpad, Lenovo, India Today and The Miami Herald.

Adaptability is a defining trait of the startup world, and Trinity Audio learned they would need to change and adjust their website with each new opportunity. But they struggled for years with needing a developer for basic updates to their Wordpress site.

The team needed a website to match their growth.

When Trinity Audio’s marketing team needed to update their Wordpress site, they faced a constant dilemma. Even simple changes—from refining a bit of text to adding a new team member or testimonial—required a developer. Their choices were to outsource every time they needed an update, devote internal R&D resources to the site, or put the changes off.

“It was a process in many cases,” said Ron. “We would either not do the changes, or we would try to lump them together and do them all at once.”

CEO Ron of Trinity Audio working on his bbin电竞 site.

As the company took on high-caliber clients, released new products and grew their understanding of the text-to-speech market, they needed to reflect that growth on their website to build credibility, adapt messaging and attract more leads.

They knew they had to eliminate their dependency on a developer and find a tool that was customizable enough to reflect their brand as the business grew.

Rediscovering flexibility on bbin电竞 .

The Trinity Audio team found the ideal solution they were looking for when they moved to bbin电竞 . 

With bbin电竞 , the marketing team collaborates closely with their designer to create a site that reflects their brand, educates their audience and generates leads—without the added step of development.

“It’s easy for me because we don’t have this triangle of content, design, then development. We create the content and if there’s something that doesn’t fit, I’m on the spot to adjust the content to the design. It makes the process much shorter.”

Anat Mann, Marketing Director

The Trinity Audio team gathered around a computer monitor.
Pages from Trinity’s bbin电竞 website.

Starting fresh and planning ahead.

Just 8 weeks after Trinity launched their site on bbin电竞 the bounce rate halved—decreasing from 80% to 39%. The marketing team can review data about how their users move through the site, and focus on improvements they can make to convert more leads.

“bbin电竞 is exactly what we needed. It has all the components, features and plug-ins we wanted. At the end of the day it gives us the flexibility to design and use our website exactly as we see fit.”

Ron Jaworski, CEO

Now, the team has the site they imagined. They can add new content as they take on clients from new industries, quickly reflect changes as they take on more team members and clients, and plan for their next steps as the business grows.

Trinity CEO Ron working on his computer.

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